Company's Objectives

We are a team of professionals with a collective experience of over 150 years in the Oil & Gas Industry. We have established the National Oil & Gas Company of Lebanon (NOGCL), a privately-held company legally registered in Lebanon and licensed to engage in Oil & Gas business. We have also acquired PetroServ International, a company based on the Island of Cyprus. Both companies have one and same purpose in mind: To focus and serve the clients in the East-Mediterranean (Levant Basin) region and Africa with efficiency, loyalty and transparency.

We have diligently earned the local support. We have the know-how and the hands-on experience to represent and work with Oil and Oilfield Service companies in the specified region. The products & services our group(s) able to supply to the end-users range from the facilitation in the Exploration & Exploitation of Oil & Gas projects to the procurement of Oilfield Equipment and from the Evaluation of GeoScience Data to helping Investors participate in Oil & Gas prospects. And we intend to do it all with integrity and reliance on some of the most prominent individuals in the field of their expertise. Please call on us at any time and let a member of our management team help meet your needs.

Energean Oil & Gas to buy two Gas fields offshore Israel

Announcement - Recent Development

Lebanon's Oil & Gas

The Objective Functionality (NOC) vs. The Subjective Phenomenology (LPA)

The ALTERNATIVE to the LPA's Production Sharing Agreement based on its illusive "Profit Oil" Model
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Invest in Lebanon's Oil & Gas, 70 miles Offshore, Lucrative & Safe

NOGCL, in partnership with its affiliate(s) in the UK (GES), desires to enter into a Joint Venture (dollar for dollar) with an International Oil Company(s) to pursue and bid on a prospect-lead, or leads, to drill the scientifically proven Gas-prone Miocene Formation(s) offshore Lebanon, an extension to the Geological Trend and the Mega-Discovery(s) Offshore Israel.

For more details, all serious parties interested to join us on this unique opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ray Bate ( and/or Fuad Jawad ( Also, please examine the "Breaking News" on GES website, homepage:

- Business Alliance:
Our subsidiary company in Cyprus, PetroServ International, has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Global Exploration Services ( to promote the business interest of both companies in Lebanon, Cyprus, and North Africa. GES is an Oil & Gas Consulting firm based in the UK specialising in technical support to companies operating within the Petroleum Industry, from Exploration & Sedimentology to Seismic & Advanced Petro-Chemistry.

Producing Oil & Gas fields offshore, near Lebanon

Invitation to the IOCs to join our Consortium to pre-qualify and to bid on specific Blocks offshore Lebanon. The revised Tender Protocol and the Exploration Agreement are available upon request and we believe we have a firm solution to work with the IOCs on the disputed area between Lebanon and Israel.

Current Oil and Gas Price

LNG Terminals

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